Tuesday, December 12, 2006


When I signed on for this job, I was promised that I would have access to a kitchen, with microwave, stove etc. While these things were provided, the fact that they were all covered in about an inch of filth and dust meant that I haven't really taken advantage of them (except for one time I tried to make popcorn and the kernels BURST INTO FLAME. Those of you that know me well will have seen me make popcorn under the most extreme circumstances of intoxication and lack of sleep, and that has never ever happened before).

Anyway, 3 months in, I'm starting to get pretty sick of eating at the cafeteria and the same three restaurants day after day. Not to mention mishaps like accidentally ordering stomach, or pig liver like I did today (the perils of buying food from small blurry photographs). So yesterday I decided to roll up my sleeves and, arming myself thusly:


I made an attack on this:




Three hours later, I arrived at this:


(I have no idea what that cabinet thing on the right is for. The only english on it is a button saying 'ozone'. My current theory is that its a Doomsday Device of some sort)


He cleans! But will he cook? time will tell. A few more brushes with surprise organ meals and I'll be in there every damn day.

PS: If you don't get the title reference, you need to watch this


Jacki from the Naki said...

Geez Ben, what a pigsty lol..funny thing was I did see all the cleaning equipment, but actually didnt see a pic of you with it in your hands...hmmm i be wondering, did you actually do this yourself ??? huh huh?? or have you got your students well trained to look after this decadent western dog..
So whats for Christams dinner? Look forward to the pics !! :-)
Jacki the ratbag

Ben S - уге said...

You got me. I'm training an army of Chinese domestic servants to conquer the world. One sparkling kitchen and spotless bathroom at a time.

Evil Cindy said...

Hello Ben! Looks like we are neighbors. My boyfriend and I are teaching in Anshan. Reading your blog is like reading my own. I read your entry on your visit to Anshan. Pretty fair assessment, although I haven't seen those dinosaurs yet.

Do you have many foreigners where you are? Heh, you see that? I'm calling them foreigners now...

Anywho, if you are ever in need of a beer and english conversation where you don't have to explain the idioms, give me a shout at lute451 at yahoo.com. My boyfriend and I are headed out to South Asia for 10 days, but we have tons of free time after that.


Ma said...

My goodness, your mother is amazed!! I always knew (hoped) that you were secretly watching and learning from me as I was cleaning up your god awful messes!!