Friday, January 26, 2007

Stupid Seismic Shennanigans

So apparently there's been ANOTHER freaking earthquake that has set the repair of China's internet back by like 3 more weeks.

I estimate my current speed of internetting to be about 15 kbps, which allows me to view about one page per hour. The rest of the time is spent hitting refresh and becoming enraged (and yes I'm on holiday and I have nothing to do so I sit and get angry at inanimate objects when I should be studying Chinese or something).

Without the internet I am reduced to reading the 2+2=5 Chinese news, and actually having to go outside to find out how cold it is. Its barbaric.

Fortunately, should my new plan remain unthwarted, I will shortly be leaving this country for a while, giving it time to get its shit sorted out in my absence.

Get to work brave ocean-going cable repair persons. And if the Eurasian Plate could just sit still for a few months that'd be great.

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