Monday, May 07, 2007

Weather Report

Today: Sand.

So I went out this evening to buy some bananas, and thought to myself "that's weird, why is there nobody around on this sunny, pleasantly breezy evening?". Ten minutes later, with eyes, hair, and mouth full of grit, I had my answer.

Yesterday: Bees.

I was on a bus back from Beijing yesterday, and at about halfway, somewhere around the edge of Liaoning Province, we ran into a cloud of bees, there must've been thousands. This was also where we chose to take our rest stop. I've never seen anything like it, glad I'm not allergic. Maybe it has something to do with this.

Anyway, spent the May holiday in Beijing, with a couple of days at the Midi Music Festival, which was fun, and a day in Tianjin. I was supposed to go to Qingdao for a couple of days too, but, you know:

Beijing Train Station

More stuff soon.


Anonymous said...

silly weather, loved the link to the yanky paper, very clever . into the rage again i see, who isnt these days , fair enough my friend, fair enough

Ben S - 笨 said...

if by 'these days' you're suggesting that I went through a non-rage period, you are incorrect my friend.

dianatown said...

is that some sort of where's waldo chinese equivalent?

where's chen?

Josh said...

I doubt that Qingdao would have been that nice weather anyway. Or maybe that was just me I went in June and everything and I was told that it'd be nice weather and a few days at the beach. Every day about 10am the mist came in and it was nice to walk about just not beach weather.....