Sunday, November 26, 2006

To Everybody in the Southern Hemisphere

Enjoy your impending summer.



Also, in case any of you lie awake at night wondering "Why does Ben keep his hair so short?", here's your answer:


I'm embracing the crazy right now.


Anonymous said...

What you SHOULD be embracing is a brand new fu manchu.

-Tony from the Mitch Clem forums

Anonymous said...

hmmm i can think of a list of things you should embrace. : )

Ben said...

I'm not sure where this is going...

Ezra and Emily said...

Embrace a blond afro! Go on.

Anonymous said...

I knew those curls you had as a baby were under there somewhere!! Luv ya
Ma xx

Anonymous said...

I think the curls are great!Hey Ben, great site. I've enjoyed having a good look through it and reading of your fun and experiences.
xxx Kyla

Kyla said...

Hey Ben
Great to see your curls.Enjoyed reading your site and seeing the fun and experiences you have been having. xxxKyla