Saturday, May 26, 2007

Emergency Rations

Due to some budgeting mishaps (ie spending 3/4 of my months salary in one week in Beijing earlier this month) and some bank issues (ie me forgetting the PIN number for my Australian bank card, then spending half an hour at an ATM swearing under my breath and punching random groups of digits), I am left with approximately 20 RMB to last me until Monday. This works out to a little more than $3. Faced with this, I was forced to restrict myself to 8 RMB for dinner tonight. With this measly sum, I was only able to afford:

- 1 huge bowl of delicious Korean Mixed Fried Rice (an egg, some chicken, some bean sprouts, some green beans, various other vegetables and uh, rice)
- 1 side of pickled but otherwise unidentifiable brown vegetables (carcinogenalicious)
- 1 600ml Liaoyang Dry Beer.

I have a feeling I'm going to be sorely disappointed when I return to the real world and discover what kind of meal I can get for a dollar.

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