Monday, July 02, 2007

Hong Kong Phooey

Well I made it this far at least. And I got out of China without having to fine for my 12 hours overstay!

As expected, everything is horrendously expensive and its 30 odd degrees with about 300% humidity.

Every five metres a man of Pakistani origin tries to sell you a suit or 'copy rolex' and massages, of both the legitimate and 'massage' kind are available everywhere you look.

I'm sitting in the smallest internet cafe in the world, behind me some British girls are debating how to get to Vietnam. I'm keeping my ears out for pointers but they sound reasonably bewildered.

So I've got to cool my heels here for a few days, at the Cosmic Guesthouse, a cheap but reasonably clean little hostel in Kowloon, while I wait for first a Chinese Visa, and then a Vietnamese one.

Then things really get interesting.

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Unknown said...

head down to central on the subway, dodge down the first alley you see amongst the high rises and just get lost back there for a little while

it's truly amazing how those two worlds co-exist in the same space down there (i saw a kitten butcher in one of those back alleys ... right behind the tiffany diamond co showroom)

from memory, either tsim tsa choi(sp?) or sham shui po (again sp?) has a rad night market where you can buy all kinds of crazy cheap crap