Thursday, September 06, 2007

I promise...

that I will return, and recap, the last month of my time as a decadent western dog.

Right now I'm having issues with the wireless internet that I'm stealing, in that it isn't very fast. I will however do my best to find a cafe or somesuch that I can sequester myself in this weekend to get some writing done.

How many coffees do you think I need to drink, minimum, to sit in someone's cafe and use their internet for 6 hours or so?


Ezra said...

I would drink cokes. Then you can stack them up on the table, with about a centremetre of coke left in the bottle. You should be able to get at least 2 hours per bottle as long as they remain on the table. Make a big show of buying a new bottle though. ;)

Oh, and email me you bastich.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben, I'm from Austin, Texas, and I have a friend who now is teaching in Liaoyang. Apparently people there remember you, and (because your blog is censored) he asked if I could somehow get your email address, or give you his. He's a little lonely, I think, and he'd like some pointers in surviving the next year. email me at

jlmarcus321 (a_t)


Joe marcus

Anonymous said...


I never ate a scone in your presense !!

Where are you and whatcha up too. Coming to Thailand or what.

I'm back and working 50-60 hours a week you'll be glad to hear.

Drop me a line - suppose you still have the email or phone number of my other half ??

Keep rockin'

Ben said...

hmmm anonymous.

Ian? I make that guess based on a) Thailand, and b) working 50-60 hours a week (I associate with very few people that do that)

If it is, Hi! I'm back in Australia now, didn't get to Thailand this time around cause I ran out of time. But I will return. Also I lost your email address when I lost my phone, so send it through again, or I'll grab it off Andrew.

It it aint, Hi! Who is this? I feel there's a clue in the scone reference...