Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A picture is worth blah blah blah

And this one pretty much sums up living in a Chinese city:

Don't. Walk.

Here's some other fun bits around Dalian (whence I returned last weekend, laden down with DVDs of dubious origin, including, THIS ONE).

This, I was always told, was exactly what a gentleman does NOT do:

Take the love, go home.
Yes, its an advertisement for Coca-Cola, in a place called Victory Square. Capitalism, Commmunism, Irony, LOL, etc.

And this store, I'm sorry to point out, did not in fact sell the hides of giant bears (nor was it a gay man's fetish-wear store).

Huge Bear!

Did I mention that in China you can buy a grapefruit the size of your head? Well you can.


Cool huh?


Anonymous said...

Nice photos, or at least thats what im told. Its taking a little while to download for me and as you know im an extremely busy and important business man who must at once take his leave and file important papers and documnets. However the first half of the grapefruit i saw did indeed look like it could be head size. That is all.

Anonymous said...

This is like being educated in a whole new way at the University of Ben. A+'s all round!