Thursday, September 14, 2006

Diamond 007, the Skateboarding Chimp

Mood: Bloggeriffic
Music: Paint It Black - "This song is short because its not political"

BAM! First post of my sparkly new blog thing. Come on in, make yourself comfy. Its a little sparse at the moment, but I'll bring the full strength of my rudimentary HTML skills to bear on it shortly and see if I can't spruce it up a little.

So the plan is: Keep this thing updated reasonably regularly with lots of photos (so to those of you on dial-up - sucks to be you), thoughts of the day, rants on this and that, and whatever else I feel I might like to post at the time. Hopefully its mildly interesting, to me if nobody else.

Anyway, for the first week or so I'll hopefully be updating daily, to clear out the backlog of oddness and oriental mystery that has been my first three weeks here in China. On that note, I figure there's no better place to start than right here:

That's a movie poster on a storefront down the road from me (where they also have a Sega Megadrive for sale, in the original box, unopened). I feel it neatly encapsulates the blend of familiarity and jarring dissonance that is China.

I will own a copy of this movie before I leave.

That's all for now. Trying to keep it short and snappy.

All comments in Haiku form please.


Anonymous said...

oriental craze
chimps taking over the world
china you scare me

Socks wet in the mud
deep grass and soot below me
dragonfly just fly

Anonymous said...

youthful dynasty
blog that could change a nation
chairman shaw blossoms

HOC-inator said...

Ben Shaw
china greets chimps alike
haiku shmiku

farty farty fart

jac(unanonymous) said...

new surrounds abound
sydney road remains the same
bask in change and grow