Saturday, September 16, 2006

Chinese Beer is People!

Chinese Beer is people!

It is also very, very, cheap.

Beer, cheap cheap beer.

That's about 60c (NZ) for a 600ml bottle.

The danger of course, is this:

Happiness is...


Nikhil said...

Healthy looking fridge there Mr Shaw ... interesting to note the clean and pristine condition of your vegetable drawer. Do they have vegetables in China?

... and more importantly, is that beer any good?

Ben S - уге said...

They do have vegetables, weird ones. I don't cook at the mo, too much effort in the purchasing and the cleaning etc. The school cafeteria provides sustenance.

The beer is okay, its all a variation on the theme of 'lightish lager' so they can't really get it too wrong. They drink it warm though.