Wednesday, March 14, 2007

No Banner!?!

Well my good buddy Jason went and designed me a fantastico new banner, but as I speak HTML about as well as I speak Chinese, I'm having some trouble getting it to go in the right place (ie not behind/on top of the text). Blogger seems to want to resize it as well which is a pain.

Anyway, its late and I have class tomorrow so I'll fix it later. Until then please feel free to meditate on the sublime nothingness at the head of the page and allow its vast blankness to draw your mind into serene contemplation of the infinite.

Or something.

UPDATE: Okay so the original image, while totally radtastic,


didn't really banner up very well, so Jason did a redesign and ended up somewhere in the neighbourhood of absolutely freaking perfect.

The Chinese may not be entirely correct, but I'm pretty sure the general gist of it is there. Any suggestions for corrections welcome.

I love it.

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dianatown said...

jober rules and so does this blog. it's the only blog i read, that's how much i like it.