Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Touristing Begins

Righto. This one's going to be picture heavy, as our intrepid hero heads all of 500m from where he was staying to take a look at Peking University, built on part of the old Summer Palace (of which we shall see more later).

But first....

It snowed like crazy here on Sunday (as previously mentioned) and classes were cancelled yesterday as lots of the kids weren't able to get back to Liaoyang from wherever it is they spent the Spring Festival.

I took the opportunity to trudge out and see what the snow had done to my beloved smelly little town. The word 'snow plough' is not known around here, so when it comes down hard its basically tunnels made by feet, followed by hordes of people armed with shovels and dustpans. They seem to get the job done eventually.




Anyway, Peking University (Bei Da to the locals) . Not much to say, its pretty, there's lots of birds (which is extremely rare in the parts of China I've been in) and lots of fat half feral cats to eat them. There's a big lake upon which people like to skate. And here it is:





Like I said, picture heavy.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pond hockey scene...only two dudes with sticks. What a waste...