Monday, January 08, 2007

I'm a little concerned

I'm planning on crossing a national border or two in the next month, and I'm a little worried about my passport. If you were a customs agent (especially one unaccustomed to looking at white faces, because, face it, we all pretty much look the same), would you believe that this guy (circa 2004, my 'dangerous fugitive' phase):


was one and the same as this dashing windswept individual?


better carry a razor and a pair of scissors with me just in case.


Anonymous said...

eh dude

whatever happened to the postings of music being litened to?

glad you made it home safely...

Ben said...

You know, I kind of doubted anyone cared, and I guess I ran out of ideas for companion 'things that are happening right now'. Maybe I'll bring them back. Or just post my playlist