Monday, January 22, 2007

Winter Month Novelties

Well I'm still kicking around Liaoyang trying not to go crazy or spend all of my money on DVDs of dubious origin. My winter travel plans have received a swift kick in the nuts from ol' lady fate, but more on that later.

It snowed pretty heavily yesterday, but that didn't stop me, Martin and Andreas from heading up to Shenyang for the day to enjoy such exotic treats as Subway and Starbucks coffee. The main highway was closed so we had to take the 'old highway' which, from where I was sitting (directly over the bus' rear axle), felt like a series of potholes strung together with a few handfuls of ruts, bumps, furrows, ditches, depressions and random protrusions.

Upon arriving in Shenyang, we got into a taxi with a driver who decided that the best way to overcome the language barrier was to communicate entirely in whistles. He did eventually ask (in Chinese) if we were American, and when I replied that I was from New Zealand, and my buddies in the back were German, he was moved to stop whistling, and start shouting 'HEIL SHITLER', over and over, complete with salute. Oh how we laughed.

Anyway, taking advantage of Shenyang's greater embrace of capitalism (a KFC on every corner!) I went camera shopping, and bought me one of these puppies which is pretty much the coolest toy I've ever owned.

It came with some image stitching software, here's some initial messing about:

My school

school stitch2

The Park where I do Tai Chi (I was playing with manual exposures on this so its a little dark)


You can click for embiggenment, but be warned that they're freakin huge (bout 5800x1600).

Anyway, I am getting out of Liaoyang shortly, I will hopefully update soon on the where and why, with pictures.


Anonymous said...

hi ben
looks like china has been super!
thats a mingbalah looking snapper.
Hoping to grab one soon how much was it?
shia shia
rebirth boys old squeeze

Ben said...

Well that's a... mystery.

I paid about 2800 RMB, which I think was a pretty good price.

Anonymous said...

What the hell did the 'ol lady pull on ya? Show her who's boss dude....

Anonymous said...

Ta shi hen hao nanren.

Ta xihuan sci-fi he pijiu.