Sunday, April 15, 2007

My weekend was better than yours...

...because I went to Beijing and saw NOFX.

I know its not cool to like NOFX after you finish puberty, but I enjoy cartoons and the occasional fart joke too, so what're ya gonna do.

Despite the fact that the audience was probably about 80% American (and, due to there being no legal drinking age in China, around 15 years old), a very enjoyable time was had.

I received a slightly chipped tooth for my troubles, and the next morning I hawked up what appeared to a small brain hemorrhage whilst in the shower, so I guess the basic requirements of punk rock were met.

I also had a fun night completely failing to explain the rules of cricket to an American guy, and learning from a fat, drunk Canadian why it was not only acceptable but necessary to club baby seals. (In case you're interested: because they are VERMIN and they have WORMS).

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