Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Teaching kids to speak english good

This is an actual exchange that took place in my class today:

Ben: Okay, so before we go on, let's just get one thing right. It's "Rock 'n' Roll"

Class: Rock and Roll

Ben: Rock 'n' Roll

Class: Rock and Roll

Ben: No. There is no "and". If you say Rock "and" Roll people will laugh at you and call you a square. Now listen carefully: "Rock 'n' Roll"

Class: Rock and Roll

Ben: [sigh] Up and Atom*

Class: Rock and... shenme?

Speaking of Rock and Roll, I'm off to Beijing next weekend to see NOFX play, which should be fun, and a very strange clash of cultures. Hopefully before then I will have completed my current cycle of Beijing blabbing and photo force-feeding (blogs are the slide-show of the 21st century) but I've been lazy lately (with blog/physical activity/learning Chinese, everything in my day that I'm not paid to do really) so that may not happen.

* if you don't get this reference you fail popular culture.

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