Monday, June 04, 2007

I want to ride my...

Number of maladies my bicycle was suffering from: approximately 3

Time taken to repair these problems by a deaf-mute Chinese guy, aided by his overbearing septuagenarian mother: about 20 minutes

Price of repairs: 5 yuan. (about 70-80c)

Number of functioning gears my bicycle had when 'repairs' were finished (of a possible 24): 12

Hours it took to restore my bike to pre-repair gear function: 2

So after that, I took a celebratory bike ride, and some snaps, including:

Kongfuzi Statue (better known to you ignorant barbarians as 'Confucius')


Might = Right (of way)


Some of the many views of my school that could've been taken 50 years ago when it opened (though the power pole probably wasn't there):



Though subtle hints of modernity are around, if you look very carefully:


I also managed to get a good shot of a local Chinese Opera Diva under full sail in a nearby park. If you click through and look at the larger image, you'll notice that about half the audience is actually looking at me.


I leaned up against a tree to watch her for a while.

Then I realised that the tree smelt like a urinal.

Then I realised that the tree WAS a urinal.

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