Monday, June 18, 2007

Further Scenes from a TiTTi bar

Well, Friday night was supposed to be THE big night for Liaoyang, the TiTTi bar was officially opening, and we were guests of honour. Alas, like much else in this town, twas a disappointment.

Here I am at the door, brimming with excitement:



and here I am inside, with Raphael, Andrew, and The Proprietor. Frank took the photo, and there was waiter guy sitting in back there. This was the sum total of patrons on the supposed grand opening of Liaoyang's hottest new night-spot.

IMG_0114nazi pirate shoe

In that photo, or shortly after, The Proprietor is trying to convince us to come back at 9.57 on Saturday morning, a time that various numeroligical consultants have assured her is the most propitious. "That's when TiTTi bar really opens". She assured us. Oddly enough however, the allure of TiTTi bar had begun to wear off by this point. (As an aside, those of you who have known me since I was 14 may recognise the shirt Andrew is wearing).

Promising (lying) to return the next morning at 9.57 sharp, we toddled around the corner to "That bar with the Chinese name were Lulu works" (For the record, the other bars in Liaoyang are referred to as: "Woodstock", "That other bar next to Woodstock", "That bar with the really bad music" and of course "TiTTi Bar".)

We were fortunate enough to arrive there when the owner was entertaining some Party Bigwigs, and, by managing to outdrink them all, I gained a shiny VIP card. I have no idea what it actually does, but its gold and made of metal and it says "VIP" so I feel special. I may have also agreed to marry someone's niece and sell New Zealand's state secrets to China, but they were paying and my nations reputation was at stake, so we kept drinking well past what might be deemed reasonable.

12 days left. oh yes.


Anonymous said...


I just saw where you were in China. I'm back in China on the 8th August and I'm seriously considering going to Changbaishan via some places in Liaoning.

Have you been to Chang Bai Shan? Is there much to do/see around Liaoning? I'm not necessarily talking about actual sites but whether the scenery/people there are quite nice and it's somewhere I'd be able to spend a few weeks travelling around there. I was told that some of the smaller towns near North Korea have a large Korean population and it's obvious in the town, which I think would be quite interesting to see. And Changbai shan seems really impressive as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the art in the Ti TTi Bar is top draw.

You comin back to Welly or going back over the ditch when you get back from China? Or do you have some other diabolical plan planned?

Oh... and - High Five